UruOs-50 Industrial High Pressure Atomizing Humidification


UruOs-50 Industrial High Pressure Atomizing Humidification

  • Since an air compressor is not used, it can humidify by little power consumption.
  • It is connected to water service and sprays water directly. Generating of mold or bacteria is barred by passing water through UV lamp (option).
  • Installation space is space-saving as the main unit (pump part) is “550mm×550mm”.
  • Humidification capability is a maximum of 50L/h. Wide dimension humidification is possible. (The space up to about 1800m3 is corresponded.)
  • Very quiet, in order that there is no sound of operation, such as an air compressor. It excels in silence.
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Flow Diagram

  • Power supply (200V) is connected to the main unit.
  • Water supply is connected.
  • High pressure hoses and fan cables are connected to spraying units.
  • A humidity sensor is installed at the place which needs humidification.


Main Part

Name High Pressure Humidification System
Model UruOs-50
Humidification Capability Min10L/h~Max50L/h
Humidity Display / Setting Digital Display / Setting (0~100%)
Humidity Detection Humidity Sensor Semiconductor Type
Control Method Tow-step Spraying Duration Control
Protection Function Pump Over-current
Water Supply Low Pressure
Water Supply High Temperature (40℃)
Emergency Stop Switch
Pressurized Pump 0.5kw
Option UV Sterilization Device / Compact UV Device
Power Supply 3φ200V / Approx. 3.5A / Approx. 1.2KVA
Dimensions W550×D550×H1085

Spraying Part

Name Spraying Unit
Model UruOs-UNI
Amount of Spraying 3.0L/h (1.5L/h×2) / 5.0L/h (2.5L/h ×2)
Fan Max. Air Volume 2.5/2.9m3/min
Fan Max. Static Pressure 64.8/76.5Pa
Fan Noise 37/41db
Fan Product Lifetime Average 50,000 Hours
No. of Connection Less than Amount of Sum Total Spraying 50L/h (Minimum 10L/h)
Connection Hose Size: OD 8.3 (mm)  ID 1/8 (inch)
Max. Operation Pressure: 20Mpa
Min. Burst Pressure: 72Mpa
Min. Bend Radius: 15mm
Power Supply 1φ200V 140/120mA
Dimensions (mm) W123.4×D203×H200