Company Profile

Company History

1978 Opened for sales of printing related products and maintenance services
1979 Incorporated as Kyoto Eiho Industries Co., Ltd.
1987 Established Tokyo branch office
Capital increased to JPY10,500,000
1990 Merged with affiliated company Eiho Industries Co., Ltd. and renamed organization Cosmotech Co., Ltd.
1994 Established Fukuoka sales office
Capital increased to JPY13,650,000
1997 Established current building for headquarter in Fushimi-Ku, Kyoto
1998 Established Nagoya sales office
2001 Became a distributor in Japan for ML System (Condair A/S)
2002 Established international agencies (Korea, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan)
Established Hong Kong Cosmotech Limited in Hong Kong
Started on in-house production in China
2005 Established Shanghai Cosmotech Trading Co Ltd in China
Established the Sapporo sales office
2006 Established “Kyoto Daiichi Factory” in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto for business expansion.
2007 Capital increased to JPY20,000,000
2008 Established Wujiang Cosmotech Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.
2010 Wujiang Cosmotech Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is made to unify Shanghai Cosmotech Trading Co Ltd.
2011 Started sale of water-soluble wastewater treatment system “FRIENDLY”
2013 Started sale of high pressure atomizing humidification “UruOs50”
2014 “Nagoya branch” is relocated to present address.
2015 Started sale of dampening water circulation system “TOP-ONE CF502” whice has photo-catalytic unit built-in
2015 Started sale of high pressure humidification system with built-in RO system “UruOs-50RO”
2015 Started sale of combined water-soluble waste liquid treatment system “FRIENDLY-Plus”
2015 Started sale of water-soluble oil containing waste liquid membrane treatment system “FRIENDLY-UF”
2015 Established Tianjin Cosmotech Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.