TOP-ONE ECO 602 / 602W

TOP-ONE ECO 602W(W … Water Cooling Type)

TOP-ONE ECO 602 is a unit for large format and web presses.

It inherited the basic design pattern and functions from “ECO” series. In addition, considering customer’s usability, the top panel is designed to slide open.

Moreover, if a water cooled type refrigerator is adopted, amount of exhaust heat in a factory can be cut. (In the case of a water cooled type refrigerator, it usually becomes combined use with a roller cooling system. A roller cooling system and a chilling unit are sold separately.)

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  • The added amount of etch solution is controlled by either the etch density control mode or the pH monitoring mode.
  • Top panel is designed to slide open.
  • The liquid crystal display shows the operation status clearly.
  • The touch screen makes operation easier.


Name TOP-ONE ECO 602/ 602W
Power Supply 3-Phase 200V Input Breaker 50A
Current/ Capacity Approx. 22A/ 7.6kVA
Refrigerator Air Cooling Type/ Water Cooling Type 3.54kW
Refrigerant R407C
Circulation Pump 3-Phase 200V 450 W×2
Etch Solution Control Change-over of etch density control mode and the pH monitoring mode
IPA Control Water Surface Detection
Dimensions W1200×D1000×H1570 (mm)
Adaptable Presses 7~8 Colors 40″ / 5~8 Colors 32″ / 5 Colors or Less 50″ / Web Press