• It is the combination unit which unified the dampening solution recirculation system and ink unit temperature control system.
  • Reduced installation space (Compared with the conventional machine, reduced about 60%)
  • Package control by a color liquid crystal touch screen
  • Cooling of dampening solution is a water cooling refrigerator without exhaust heat into a factory.
  • Inverter chiller allows significant energy savings
  • Alcohol control and etch solution control are standard specification.
  • Integrated communication control as an option
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Model (Including a Chilling Unit)

SPACE PAIR (ECO) □□□*-1SR1/2SR1/2SR2/4SR1/4SR2

* Cooling Capacity
VI (250) ・・・ 25.0KW
VII (375) ・・・ 37.5KW
VIII (500) ・・・ 50.0KW
IX (630) ・・・ 63.0KW

Model 1SR1 2SR1 2SR2 4SR1 4SR2
Power Supply 3-Phase 200V
Tank Capacity (Ink Unit Temperature Control System) 130L (Fixed Quantity) 188L (Fixed Quantity)
Tank Capacity (Dampening Solution Recirculation System) 150L (Fixed Quantity)
No. of Temperature Control 1 2 4
Temperature Control Heating/ Cooling Control
Touch Screen 7 Inch Color Liquid Crystal Touch Screen
Error Display Error Indication and Buzzer
Dimensions (W×D×H) 2150×800×1976 (mm) 2550×800×1976 (mm)
Etch Control Change-over of Etch Density Control Mode and pH Monitoring Mode
IPA Control IPA Control Device [alcon]