• It is a combination unit which unified UV cooling function in addition to the function of SPACE PAIR (ECO).
  • Main unit installation spaces are reduced by about 60% (conventional model ratio of our company).
  • The power-saving effect by adoption of an inverter chiller (Compared with the conventional machine, reduced about 16%)
  • The addition of UV cooling function is also made to serve a double purpose by one set of an external chilling unit.
  • Reduction of an exterior unit installation space and piping is possible.
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Model (Including a Chilling Unit)

SPACE PAIR(ECO) UV □□□*-2SR1/3SR1/5SR1/3SR2/5SR2

* Cooling Capacity
250 ・・・ 25.0KW
375 ・・・ 37.5KW
500 ・・・ 50.0KW
630 ・・・ 63.0KW

Model 2SR1 3SR1 5SR1 3SR2 5SR2
Power Supply 3-Phase 200V
Tank Capacity (Ink Unit Temperature Control System) 130L (Fixed Quantity) 188L (Fixed Quantity) 130L (Fixed Quantity) 188L (Fixed Quantity)
Tank Capacity (Dampening Solution Recirculation System) 150L (Fixed Quantity)
No. of Temperature Control (Ink Unit Temperature Control) 1 2 4 2 4
No. of Temperature Control (H-UV Temperature Control) 1 1 1 1 1
Temperature Control Heating/ Cooling Control (UV is only in cooling control.)
Touch Screen 5.7 Inch Color Liquid Crystal Touch Screen
Error Display Error Indication and Buzzer
Integrated Communication Control Function External (PQC) Communication Function
Dimensions (W×D×H) 2750×800×1976 3150×800×1976 2750×800×1976 3150×800×1976
Etch Control Change-over of Etch Density Control Mode and pH Monitoring Mode
IPA Control IPA Control Device [alcon]