CHP-3 / 21


Sizable Cut of the Powder Used Amount

CHP-3/CHP-21 is powder spraying system for set-off prevention.

It is highly efficient system of the ideal designed based on the technology and know-how which were cultivated by today.

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The reason for the sizable cut of the powder used amount

  • The amount of powder adhesion to sheet is raised 30% or more. (Compared with the conventional machine)
  • The well-reputed large metering roller has been further improved. Durability and precision have been much improved.
  • There is less over-sprayed area and superfluous powder.


  • The amount of powder is controlled to necessity minimum by a high precision fixed-quantity function.
  • Spraying amount can be set by 0.1% according to users’ needs.
  • The panel which the abundant amount of information and easy operation made compatible by the large-sized digital display.
  • The highly efficient distributor which distributes powder to each nozzle uniformly
  • The speed-following function corresponding to the velocity change of a printing machine.
  • The nozzle cleaning function to prevent a nozzle jam.
  • A spraying width is automatically changed according to the inputted sheet size. (CHP-3-8/ -10)
  • The system’s operation and information can be comprehensively controlled on the press console. (CHP-3)


Model CHP-3-6/ 21-6 26 & 28”/29”
CHP-3-8/ 21-8 32” & 40”
CHP-3-10/ 21-10 44” & 50”
Power Supply 3-Phase 200V 50/ 60Hz
Current CHP-3-6/ 21-6 Approx. 3.8/3.9A
CHP-3-8/ 21-8 Approx. 5.5/6.2A
CHP-3-10/ 21-10
Capacity CHP-3-6/ 21-6 Approx. 1.4kVA
CHP-3-8/ 21-8 Approx. 2kVA
CHP-3-10/ 21-10
Quantity Control Amount of Powder Spraying Self-Adjustment (Corresponding Speed 3,000~20,000 sheet/ h)
Metering Method Speed Controlled Metering Roller
Components Main Body, Electric Box, Nozzle Bar & Blower Pump
Main Body W320×D200×H420 (mm)
Electric Box W253×D100×H225 (mm)
Nozzle Bar CHP-3-6/ 21-6 W790/830×D38.2×H91.8 (mm)
CHP-3-8/ 21-8 W930/1130×D38.2×H91.8 (mm)
CHP-3-10/ 21-10 W1230/1430×D38.2×H96.8 (mm)
Blower Pump CHP-3-6/ 21-6 W467.4×D290.4×H353.9 (mm)
CHP-3-8/ 21-8 W630×D328×H342.9 (mm)
CHP-3-10/ 21-10

Integrated Communication Control・・・CHP-3-6/ CHP-3-8/ CHP-3-10
Automatic Nozzle Selector・・・CHP-3-8/ CHP-3-10