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EPS Electrostatic Powder Spray

EPS Electrostatic Powder SprayPowder adheres to sheets uniformly more efficiently in the action of Coulomb force. Humidity inside the printing machine is fed back and voltage is controlled the optimal.

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Brief Overview

  • Powder and sheet are electrified in reverse polarity, respectively. Powder and sheet gravitate toward one another and the sticking fraction of powder improves. Moreover, the powder which had dispersed until now also adheres to sheet by electrifying the powder itself.
  • Negative charged powder particles are repulsive to one another and thus powder disperses more uniformly on the sheet.
  • Unlike the air pressure-based CHP models, EPS utilizes a brand new system based on the Coulomb force as well as air pressure, and achieve a further reduction of powder scattering and consumption.
  • To maximize Coulomb force’s effect, EPS adjusts charged voltage according to humidity inside the printing machine.

EPS Electrostatic Powder Spray

EPS Electrostatic Powder Spray

New Function

  • The non-contact electrification method which is sheet is electrified positively by spraying + ion.
  • The safe powder electrification method which electrifies the powder itself without corona discharge.
  • Voltage is controlled according to the humidity in a printing machine.


  • Trouble-free in order not to contact sheet through the operation process
  • Since powder and sheet gravitate toward one another, powder adheres to sheet efficiently.
  • The amount of the powder used is reduced dramatically.


Name EPS
Model EPS-6 EPS-8 EPS-10
Adaptable Press 26 “ & 28”/29” 32” & 40” 44” & 50”
Components CHP: Main Body, Electric Box, Spray Bar & Blower Pump
EPS: Controller, Drive Box, + Charging Bar & Ring Blower
Metering Method Speed Controlled Metering Roller
Quantity Control Amount of Powder Spraying Self-Adjustment
(Corresponding Speed 3,000 ~ 20,000 sheet/ h)
Charging Method Positive Charging (Sheet): Spraying Positive Ion (Non-contact)
Negative Charging (Powder): Contact Charging
Power Supply CHP: 3-Phase 200V
EPS: Single –phase 100 ~ 264V
Current Approx. 6.8A Approx. 8.2A
Capacity Approx. 2.3kVA Approx. 2.8kVA
Dimensions CHP Main Body 320×200×420 (mm)
Electric Box 250×100×225 (mm)
Nozzle Bar 790/830×52×111 (mm) 930/1130×52×116 (mm) 1230/1410×52×121 (mm)
Blower Pump 467.4×290.4×353.9 (mm) 630×328×342.9 (mm)
EPS Controller 187×90×139 (mm)
Drive Box 380×104×240 (mm)
Charging Bar 766/814×42×54 (mm) 910/1126×42×54 (mm) 1198/1390×42×54 (mm)
Ring Blower 500×350×295.6 (mm)