SWEETER Z SMT-131/ 232/ 333

SWEETER Z SMT-131/ 232/ 333The spray powder extractor “SWEETER Z” performs efficient dust collecting with an integral-molding type filter. The caught powder is recovered by the “automatic brush off mechanism” to a dust pot.

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  • The compact design installed to the delivery upper part
  • An integral-molding type filter realizes efficient dust collecting.
  • With “automatic brush off mechanism” which discards automatically the powder attached to the filter
  • The caught powder is collected to a dust pot, and the dust can be discharged easily only by removing the clip of a dust pot.
  • The suction capability of powder can be easily adjusted in the wind amount adjustment lever.
  • Interlocking operation with a printing machine is possible by an external signal.


Name Spray Powder Extractor SWEETER Z
Model SMT-131 SMT-232 SMT-333
Adaptable Presses 26”/ 29” & 32” 40” & 44” 50”
Power Supply 3-Phase 200V (50/60Hz)
Motor 1.5KW 2.2KW 1.5KW×2
Operation Method Manual Operation/ Automatic Operation Change-over
Dust pot capacity Approx. 2L
Dust pot capacity 1 1 2
Filter Area Approx. 4m2 Approx. 5.5m2 Approx. 8m2
Dimensions (mm) 1205W×790D×580H 1515W×790D×580H 1855W×890D×580H
Weight Approx. 140kg Approx. 160kg Approx. 210kg