TOP-ONE ECO 402PCTOP-ONE ECO 402PC is the eco-friendly model that has filtration system combined in as well as enhanced functions best suited for the operation of small-size presses.

It creates high-quality and eco-friendly printing operation.


E3PACOSMOTECH consented to the environmental protection printing promotion assembly (E3PA), and this equipment has received attestation as a product corresponding to gold plus.

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  • High-quality filtration system keeping dampening water clean with no exchange water required
  • Powerful cooling effect with high-quality and durable low vibration refrigerator
  • Alcohol control, etch solution control and automatic feed water system
  • Easy operation with a user-friendly touch screen
  • Independently regulated circulating system and filtration system eliminate the need for making press off when replacing filters
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant gas (R407C)


Power Supply 3-Phase 200V 50/ 60Hz
Current/ Capacity Approx. 13A/ 4.5kVA
冷却能力(50/60Hz) 4.9/ 6.0kW
Refrigerant R407C
Circulation Pump 3-Phase 200V 370W 93L (Pump Head: 5m)/ 52L (Pump Head: 14m)
Etch Solution Control Change-over of etch density control mode and the pH monitoring mode
IPA Control alcon (Water Surface Detection)
Filtration Pump 3-Phase 200V 8~23L/min
Filter A+C Filter 5 PCS in Total
Adaptable Presses 6 Colors 26/29″ / 6 Colors 32″ / 2 Colors or Less 40″