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  • PeDeS is an ultimate multirole unit combined dampening solution recirculation system, ink unit temperature control system, dampening solution filtration system, dust collector and blower cabinet chiller in one unit.
  • Inverter chiller and closed cooling water circuit ensures steady cooling water temperature control (Function of ink unit temperature control and blower cabinet temperature control)
  • Digital scroll compressor ensures steady dampening solution temperature control (Function of dampening solution recirculation)
  • Function of dampening solution filtration system comes equipped with high quality filters and it enables high efficiency of filtration and long life of dampening solution.
  • Embedded function of dust collector with cyclonic system and explosion-proof structure prevents decreasing suction power caused by clogged filters and ensures safety against dust explosion.
  • Significant energy saving effect with an inverter chiller and a digital scroll compressor.
  • Closed cooling water circuit is adopted for piping and it helps to reduce red rust and prolongs the cooling water life.
  • Function of dampening solution filtration system reduces requirement for exchange of dampening solution and amount of waste dampening solution.
  • Heat exchange by a water-cooled condenser doesn’t influence to intake/ outtake air in a factory.
  • It consists of three units of “ink unit/ blower cabinet cooling unit”, “dampening solution circulation/ dampening solution filtration unit”, and a “dust collector unit”, and an installation arrangement is possible according to the layout of a factory.


Model (Including a Chilling Unit)

PeDeS *1□□□*2- 2SR1/4SR1/2SR2/4SR2/2SR3/4SR3

1 ・・・ Blower Cabinet Cooling (Without)
2 ・・・ Blower Cabinet Cooling (With)

*2 Cooling Capacity
IV (125) ・・・ 12.5KW
V (190) ・・・ 19.0KW
VI (250) ・・・ 25.0KW
VII (375) ・・・ 37.5KW
VIII (500) ・・・ 50.0KW
IX (630) ・・・ 63.0KW
X (750) ・・・ 75.0KW

Model 2SR1 4SR1 2SR2 4SR2 2SR3 4SR3
[Ink Unit Temperature Control Part]
No. of Temperature Control (Ink Unit Temperature Control Part) 2 4 2 4 2 4
Temperature Control Heating/ Cooling Control (Water Cooling with Solenoid Valve)
Cooling Water Circuit Method Closed Cooling Water Circuit
Cooling Tank Outdoor Pressure Tank (Embedded Expansion Tank and Water Circulation Pump)
[Dampening Solution Recirculation Part]
Tank Capacity (Dampening Solution Recirculation System) 150L (Fixed Quantity)
No. of Water Circulation Pump 1 2
Cooling Capacity (50/ 60Hz) 6.1/7.3KW 12.7/13.8KW 15.9/18.7KW
Etch Control Change-over of Etch Density Control Mode and pH Monitoring Mode
IPA Control IPA Control Device [alcon]
[Dampening Solution Filtration Part]
Filtration Capacity 36~65L/ min
Housing Housing A (5 pcs x Filter Cartridge) + Housing B (5 pcs x Filter Cartridge)
Filter Cartridge Standard Combination ・・・ 5 pcs x Filter-A (Filtration 3µm) + 2 pcs x Filter-B (Filtration 3µm) + 3 pcs x Filter-C (Special Adsorption Material)
[Dust Collection Part]
Power Supply 3-Phase 200V (Separate Power Supply)
Operation Control Controlled by Switch or External Signal of AC200V
Motor Main Unit 2.2kW/ Blower Fan 0.2kW
Dust Collection Cyclon
Anti-explosion Explosion-proof Mechanism
[Blower Cabinet Temperature Control Part] Only PeDeS 2
Temperature Control Water Cooling with Solenoid Valve
Heat Exchanger Condenser-A/ Condenser-B (The number of use changes with cabinet calorific value.)
Fan for Heat Exchanger Condenser-A (2 Fans per 1 Condenser)/ Condenser-B (1 Fan per 1 Condenser)
Cooling Water Circuit Method Closed Cooling Water Circuit
No. of Temperature Control 1
Power Supply 3-Phase 200V
Touch Screen 7 Inch Color Liquid Crystal Touch Screen
Error Display Error Indication and Buzzer